Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hauling Soap

Celeste uses her Big Dummy to haul soap for her home based business and to hit the beach. Click here to read about her bike adventures.

A sign of things to come?

Spotted on the Surly Blog...a new colour for the Big Dummy?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Joel's Big Dummy

Joel is the other Calgary Alberta Big Dummy owner. We ran into each other on the bike paths downtown by accident and last night he came out for our weekly Wednesday Night Coffee Ride. He was a really nice guy and his Big Dummy was a sweet ride. It felt a lot faster/lighter than mine when riding it??? I'm not sure if that is cause I always haul a ton of crap in the Freeloader pockets or in my Marathon XR tires are just slow compared to his Big Apples? I'll have to ride his Big Dummy more and figure that out...=-)

Joel rolls with the foder posse.

Joel riding my Big Dummy

Joel checks out my footsies.

Getting the most from Joel's snap deck...=-)

bombing downtown

Joel's Big Dummy

Thumbs up

A tale of two Big Dummies

Got Bike Rubbish?

Bike Rubbish is simply the finest source of Big Dummy & Xtracycle porn I know of. If you don't frequent the site go there now and prepare to drool uncontrollably.

Going XTRA

Another Bike Forums member [Puppy Pilgrim] has made the switch to an Xtracycle. I'm glad to see another Canadian cargo bike rig born and on the road. His compact Brodie MTB looks like the perfect donor bike for an Xtracycle kit.

Gweedough's Big Dummy

Gweedough posted his new Big Dummy on Bike Forums. It's nice to see BD's and Xtracycles popping up everywhere. It seems like the time of the utility/cargo bike is upon us.

On my ride home yesterday evening. I was stopped by a girl who wanted to know where I bought my Big Dummy. Her BF rides an Xtracycle and wanted to make the switch to the integrated longtail frame.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RANS Stratus Xtra

If you thought the Big Dummy was long check out this Xtra-fied RANS Stratus touring bent from Angletech. I'm not sure you can build a more comfortable smoother riding bike. If you love bents and want an Xtracycle as well here is one option.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Longboard Towing

Big Dummy assisted longboarding


YMCA Eau Claire, Calgary, Alberta

Street Surfing

Russ' Bilenky Tour

Russ Roca has posted some great photos from a recent bike tour with his Bilenky cargo bike. He also has a nice blog about his bike enabled photography business that I enjoy reading. His front loading Bilenky is a neat bike and Russ also has an Xtracycle in his fleet that used to be his main work ride.