Thursday, June 5, 2008

Joel's Big Dummy

Joel is the other Calgary Alberta Big Dummy owner. We ran into each other on the bike paths downtown by accident and last night he came out for our weekly Wednesday Night Coffee Ride. He was a really nice guy and his Big Dummy was a sweet ride. It felt a lot faster/lighter than mine when riding it??? I'm not sure if that is cause I always haul a ton of crap in the Freeloader pockets or in my Marathon XR tires are just slow compared to his Big Apples? I'll have to ride his Big Dummy more and figure that out...=-)

Joel rolls with the foder posse.

Joel riding my Big Dummy

Joel checks out my footsies.

Getting the most from Joel's snap deck...=-)

bombing downtown

Joel's Big Dummy

Thumbs up

A tale of two Big Dummies

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