Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trek El Ranchero & Kona Ute

Looks like Trek is following Kona into the cargo bike game. Should be interesting if all the major players invest in one or two cargo bike models. So far I haven't seen any Big Dummy killers, but competition is a good thing.


Steve Fuller said...

Like the big front brake rotor on the El Ranchero. I don't like the extra saddle, even if it looks like a Brooks.

Even though I primarily haul my loads on an LHT (for now) I personally think that the UTE carries it's load too high.

Dominic said...

So, now we have the kona ute, the yuba el mundo, the El ranchero, the fietsfabrik pack max duo, the madsen cycle and the rans hammertruck - as well as the extracycle, looks like this idea has reached maturity. It's amazing really that it took this long to catch on.