Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Dummy Therapy

I've been in a cast for the last few weeks [hence the lack of posts] and wanted to start some rehab on my gimpy leg getting the full range of motion back and strengthening it without putting too much stress on it. I decided to throw my Big Dummy on a fluid trainer as the top tube on the BD is quite low and the seating position is upright. This allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

Hopefully I'll be back in action fairly soon!


nollij said...

Jeez Vik, did you do what I did?

I've been off all bikes for over 2 months and I'm supposed to wait for the doctors to tell me I can put weight on my left foot before I try riding my dummy... what did you do to yourself?

Vik said...

I had a freak accident and then suffered a bit of medical malpractice which caused more damage and extended my recovery...=-(

Things are coming along [I had no pain riding my BD inside...=-)], but it's hard to be patient as the last of the nice weather slips away.

Take care and lets hope we are both back on our bikes in the not too distant future.

nollij said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog: big hug cominbackatcha! I hope you heal fast too: I see the doc again on Nov 18 and hopefully they'll tell me I can start weighting my left foot. I'm going to email my doc today and see if it's alright if I put the bike up on a trainer and pedal only with my right leg, letting the left leg just go round and round without putting any pressure on it... I can hope.

Jezza said...

Hi Vik
Hope that you mend fast, hate being off the bike, especially when you are suffering from an injury (been there a few times myself)!!

Enjoy your blog and was wondering where you had got to ;-)