Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dempster Highway Photos

I've posted my Dempster Highway Tour photos on Flickr here.


Jason said...

Those are some incredible photos, Vik. What a ride!

Jason in Albany, NY

Tex69 said...

great pics, tough conditions. hope the hand heals up nice.

Vik said...

Thanks guys. Hand is getting better and I'm starting to understand why it happened. Seems like a combination of events like resting my left elbow on the door on my truck as I drove north for 40hrs was part of the equation as well as the rough road and muddy conditions requiring more gripping than I have done before on those bar. Finally the padding on those bars wasn't sufficient to deal with all the vibration and how much I had to grip it.

So it appears that I've compressed my ulnar nerve in two places - the usual cyclist injury of the base of the palm and then again in my elbow.

Nothing life threatening and I should recover fully in the not too distant future.