Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Val Kleitz - Cargo Bike Interview

Spotted on EcoVelo and originally posted on Cargo Bike. Val talks about bikes + life while getting his Xtra on...=-)

My favourite longtail quote from the interview:"...once I started riding it there was no going back!..." Amen.

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nollij said...

Val built my awesome centerstand, and when it bent and snapped (bad braze), he fixed it for free. Our initial contact was via email and phone but I had seen pictures of him on the internet (roots radicals link, or maybe something xtracycle related: can't quite remember) When I was at NAHBS 2008 in Portland, I ran into him right after I walked in the door and we talked for nearly a hour, then got to hang out later over at CleverCycles and then again at 2 of the seminars on Sunday at NAHBS. Val is a stellar human being and has probably forgotten more about bicycles than I'll ever know. He's also one of the most unique cyclists I know: he never wears spandex and he often carries a whip (yes, a leather whip!). Glad to see Val getting some exposure: his wisdom and good humor can benefit a lot more people this way!