Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rohloff shifter on drop bar

If you want to run a Rohloff shifter on drop bars and aren't happy with the other work arounds like the Hubbub Adapter or the Thorn Accessory Bar you can get this two piece drop bar from Germany and use a standard Rohloff shifter. Click on the image for more details.


Mawell said...

Funny, this is how the walmart road bikes fit cheap grip shifts on to drop bars lately

GhostRider said...


I read your other post and I wonder if anyone has tried the Minoura "Spacebar" to mount a twist-shifter? It's the same diameter as a regular handlebar and it is WAY cheaper than the HubBub adapter, the Thorn or the Rohloff handlebar hack.

Anonymous said...

I have successfully used a space grip for the last 12000+ miles (3years). The spacegrip allows you to fine tune the shifter location. If you go down this route I would advice you to use threadlock on all the threads - for some reason the spacegrip gets loose quickly!