Monday, September 29, 2008

Rohloff Trigger Shifter

Apparently a trigger shifter is in the works from Rohloff. I'm guessing it won't be made with wood triggers...=-) Personally I like the twist shifter because you can dump several gears at once, but I welcome some choice in shifters.


Peter Ludwig said...

This Trigger is not offered by Rohloff, it is made by Tout-Terrain.

Vik said...

Agreed. Rohloff haven't shown a photo of their shifter yet - that I have found.

nollij said...

The other nice thing about a trigger shifter is that you could use the Rohloff on a Titec H-bar without having to either
A) cut off the curved top part of the front extension
B) extend the length of the lower section with a dowel or other add on or
C) have the uber-short main grip w/ rohloff twist shifter under the hand option

As an added bonus, you could better put a rohloff shifter on drop bars!

I'm glad to hear that there are some commercial options becoming available. I read a while back about a uber-nice custom wood Rohloff shifter that someone had made (they put pictures up and everything), but it wasn't something you could get over the internet!