Monday, September 8, 2008


All Photos: Xtracycle Inc.

Another new Xtracycle product is the TekDek - an aluminum Snapdeck replacement. It looks sweet and I'd appreciate having the built in tie down slots. It's a bit pricey at $89.99 compared to say a Tubus rack that seems to require more effort to fabricate.

Price not withstanding it looks like an improvement over the old wooden Snapdeck and should be quite durable.

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nollij said...

Speaking as a parent with a kid still in a peapod (though it's almost time to get him sitting on the snapdeck, at least for short trips) I was disappointed that they didn't make the TekDeck longer: I can't mount Peapod and anything else to the deck b/c it's not long enough. Also, because I have a stokemonkey, the curve in the front of the TekDeck means I wouldn't have a place to mount my controller bag anymore: that's 2 strikes. For many, I'm sure it'll be a great option, but those running stoke monkeys or peapods, you've been warned.