Thursday, May 22, 2008

Commute by Bike's Big Dummy

Tim Grahl from Commute by Bike just came back from a Big Dummy camping trip and has written some interesting posts about the Big Dummy:

First Impressions

How it handles

Carrying Loads and Living by Bike


Murray said...

I find it interesting that the entire load in the picture above is over the rear with nothing to balance it up front. Do this not adversly effect the handling? In my experience with the X a large load like this in the back without some extra weight over the front wheel too, can result in some pretty serious speed wobbles. Is the BD not prone to this also? Perhaps it is not so bad on the BD but I can't help thinking some front panniers would be advisable.

Vik said...

Hi Murray,

I agree and I used front panniers on my recent bike tour with the Big Dummy. The handling was quite good with weight front and back.