Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm running a 44T chain ring with the Rohloff 16T cog mounted to a trusty Race Face Turbine crankset. The 44T is really unnecessarily high, but it's what I had on hand at the time of the build. I'll be replacing it with a 38T or 40T which will provide a more appropriate gear range.

A Rohloff Chain Guide keeps my chain in place. Not absolutely necessary, but it's a nice design and not worrying about my chain coming off is worth the cost.


Etienne said...

Hi there, I noticed that you are using a chainring intended for use with a front derailleur (small and oddly shaped teeth). You could also use a single speed/track/downhill chainring with "normal" and longer teeth. I'm pretty sure this would eliminate the need for a chain guide. You could save some weight and get a slightly cleaner look. Just a suggestion... Nice blog!

Vik said...

Hi Etienne,

I'm using those parts because I had them from another bike.

I changed the chainring to a DH single ring without ramps and pins.

The Rohloff chain guide is very light so I'm happy to have the extra security for the chain...besides with a 15.4lbs frame the Big Dummy will never be very light!