Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Xtracycle Unboxed

Resistance was futile. I had to see what was in Karen's Xtracycle box...=-) The kit looks straight forward and quite complete. I had a read through the manual and the installation should be reasonably easy.

The contents include:
  • Free Radical sub-frame
  • V-racks
  • Free Loader bags
  • Snap Deck
  • Kickstand
  • long shift & brake cables + housing
  • extra chain links
  • all necessary hardware
  • manual
  • some cryptic business cards to promote Xtracycle with
Karen also bought some Footsies, but these are not part of the stock Xtracycle kit.

Since Karen wants to do most of the installation herself I really do have to show some restraint and just put all the Xtracycle goodies in the closet until next week.

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