Saturday, May 10, 2008

Relaxing with the Big Dummy

The Big Dummy proves useful even when I'm not riding it...=-)


Doug said...

Looks like you're carrying a big load on the Dummy? What kind of hauling have you been doing since you starting riding the Dummy?

Vik said...

In this picture I had just towed my friend Kurt for 20kms on his long board to Bow Cycle [one of my favourite bike shops] and I was returning with a chariot kids trailer in the box for some friends who are having a baby. On the other side I had 3 different accessory kits for the trailer and Kurt's long board.

So far I've hauled:
- several passengers
- lots of beer and groceries
- a MTB bike
- everyone else's gear and shopping when we go riding

The Big Dummy has been a blast to ride. I'm really glad I took the risk and ordered one.