Sunday, April 27, 2008

Doug & Jeremy's Jedi Mind Trick

Doug's Blue Truck

Two cyclopaths whose opinions I value are Jeremy [A.K.A. Jerome!] and Doug. Both these fine riders have blogs and they both have Xtracycle rigs. Doug has had his longest and was the first person who regularly exposed me to his Xtracycle adventures. Doug is a non-nonsense guy that gets his life done without using a car. His fleet of bikes [Pusgely, LHT & Xtracycle rig] is drool worthy...=-) So Doug got me thinking Xtra-licious thoughts, but he lives thousands of miles away so his, normally powerful, Jedi mind tricks were weakened slightly and I was able to resist the sudden urge to buy an Xtra kit.

Jeremy's Christmas Present

Jeremy rec'd an Xtracycle kit from his lovely and thoughtful wife [does she have a sister??...=-)] as a Christmas present this winter. Living so close to me [~90kms] Jeremy was able to more effectively channel his Jedi Master skills and I started to feel the need to get my cargo bike on! Yet I still was able to resist due to the fact I didn't really have a donor bike I wanted to Xtra-fy. The activation energy req'd to purchase an Xtra kit plus a donor bike was just great enough I could fight it off. That of course changed when Surly announced the long awaited Big Dummy was ready for sale.

I can just picture Doug & Jeremy simultaneously waving their hands and softly saying..." want a Big will buy a Big Dummy..." At that same moment I reached into my wallet and for my Visa card and called my LBS - Bow Cycle..."...hi...I want a Surly Big Dummy...I'd like to order an 18" frame..."...=-)

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