Thursday, April 10, 2008

Installing a Disc Rotor on your Rohloff

When you buy your disc brake compatible Rohloff hub it comes sans disc rotor. You'll need to buy a Rohloff specific rotor and install it. See my post below about getting the right Rohloff and accessories for your Big Dummy if you need help determining which rotor to order.

Before you start here is what you'll need:
  • Rohloff hub [disc compatible]
  • Rohloff specific disc rotor [compatible with your brake calipers]
  • Rohloff Owner's Manual [see page 91]
  • Torx 20 driver
  • 5mm allen key
  • 4 disc rotor bolts from the small parts bag that came with your hub
  • blue loctite
  • Icy cold Corona [optional]
First off read page 91 of the owner's manual. Nothing revolutionary here, but it does give you the torque specs and reminds you not to remove the external transfer box.

Remove the Torx head bolts holding the OEM2 axle plate on your hub. There is a small gear underneath the OEM2 axle plate that seems to want to escape. If it does just reinstall it wide side up.

Since you read the owner's manual you won't take the external transfer box off - right?...=-)

Now simply slide the rotor over the external transfer box and line it up with the 4 mounting holes. The owner's manual states you need to be careful to mount the rotor in the right rotational direction. I can't figure out how the caliper would know, but you might as well do what the good folks at Rohloff suggest [see pic below for correct orientation]. Apply some loctite to each rotor bolt and tighten to 7Nm/61in.lbs torque.

Rotor mounted under external transfer box

Now reattach the OEM2 axle plate keeping in mind it needs to be oriented correctly so it engages the torque bolt in your frame and the external gear mechanism points forward so that the gear cables leave it running parallel to the ground. The torx head bolts should be tightened to 3Nm/25 in.lbs and I'd use some loctite here as well.

You are done - reinstall the wheel in your Big Dummy.


BA said...


What size rotor are you running on the rear?

I'm looking at specing out a similar build.

Vik said...

160mm rotors front & back with Avid BB7 calipers....lots of power.