Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long Tail Kit + More

What you see in the pic above is the minimum set of Xtracycle accessories I figure you need to get the most out of your Big Dummy/Xtracycle rig. The Long Tail Kit is everything shown above less the wide loaders [red bits] and footsies.

With these items you'll be able to:
  • pick up a passenger
  • carry a week's worth of groceries
  • move a filing cabinet
  • take your TV to the landfill
If you bought a Big Dummy you'll need to budget in at extra $374.00 for everything shown above. If you added an Xtracycle to your bike you'll only need to set aside $139.00 as you get most of the items as part of your $399.00 SUB kit.

My Xtra-goodies are still drying from my stealth painting session, but I'll be putting them to work soon and report back with reviews plus tips on how to get the most from your Xtra-sweet ride.

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