Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Intalling Planet Bike Cascadia ATB Fenders

I mounted some Planet Bike Cascadia ATB fenders on my Big Dummy recently. They look great and fit the 2" Marathon XRs well.

The rear went on easily without any modifications and fits the BD frame perfectly. The fender struts are touching the BD frame so I'll put some electrical tape there to keep them from rubbing through the paint.

I mounted the front fender to the mid-fork braze ons - avoiding the disc brake caliper entirely. However, PB provides hardware to get you around the caliper if you want to use the lower mounts.

One issue I ran into is the massive amount of clearance in the BD fork means that if you mount the fender to the fork crown as you usually would you end up with a huge gap between the fender and the tire. It looked goofy so I made a small bracket from a scrap of metal to lower the fender closer to the tire.


David said...


More of a question than a comment. Fenders look great. I have just ordered my Big Dummy frame and will receive it and begin building in about a week and a half (well receive anyway).

Are those fenders the Cascadia 29ers?




Vik said...

Hey David those are the 26" ATB Cascadias.

Have fun with your new Big Dummy...=-)


pablo said...

Here is the issue:
The rear Acadia fender can fit over my Maxxis Hookworm 2.5's, but it cannot fit under the SnapDeck (I made my own SnapDeck - see picture).

Do you have ny suggestions as to how this might work?

pablo said...

Couldn't publish the picture on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, maybe you can use some of these spacers to raise up your deck a bit?

Pretty sure they will work for you!